Tell Us About Your Experience!

"Ray loves his shark skin Jac Henri and uses it exclusively."  - Shannon Allan, wife of basketball player Ray Allen


“I just received it today, and my son just stole it. It doesn’t look like I’m getting it back.” - Sam Robin, interior designer


“Ryan loves his wallet.” - Martine Bury, editor Excursions


"Loving my new Jac Henri wallet- so thin and chic" - Lee Brian Schrager, Southern Wine & Spirits


“I got my wallet and love it! Really fits the bill, and works exactly as promised. Best wallet ever!” - Hugh G.


“I received my wallet and couldn't be more impressed! Absolutely phenomenal!” - Sal L.


“Just received my wallet. I am impressed with absolutely everything about your work. The quality of the leather and the attention to detail make this wallet a piece of art. I couldn't get my cards out of my old wallet fast enough...now all I need is some money!” - Zach S.


“I love the design and can't wait to surprise my man with his new Jac Henri!” -  Ksenia B.


“First, I love my Jac Henri wallet. I don't know how I got along without it.  I'm just returning from London and I found the wallet adapted to the 20 pounds notes just fine. Fold them in half and turn them sideways, no problem. Keep up the great designs.” - George B.


“Hi there, Bruce loves his new wallet. Can I tell you we have been together for 7+ years and I have never got him to carry a wallet because he thinks they are too bulky. He has been carrying it all week. Mission accomplished. Now he won't loose his cards anymore. Thanks so much!!” - Jessica Anderson, Miami Fashion Network

“I love the wallet” - Avery Pack, Republic Bike