The Production Phase

For the production, I have chosen two colors for leather which are black and red and for the lining, I picked four colors which are black, tan, red, and blue. I created a sample with each color and had a friend take some pictures which turned out pretty nice.

The feedback I got for my samples were overwhelmingly positive and everyone agreed on one thing – I should get this out as soon as possible because the world is ready for an attractive slim wallet. They have encouraged me to launch the design on Kickstarter because its forward-thinking audience might embrace this Unique Design Wallet and help make it a reality. After finding the right manufacturer and launching the concept on Kickstarter, our elegant handcrafted leather wallets gained a lot of positive comments from the people who got them.

This unique Men's Travel Wallet uses top-grain and full-grain leather which develops a rich patina over time. Our handcrafted luxury Custom Leather Wallets comes with the best price and the leather finishes and threads in our uniquely designed wallets can compete with the Top Wallets for Guys that are available in the market.

To provide you with The Best Wallet for Guys and Gals, I have chosen to use a 2.5 oz leather weight which is much thicker than paper thin leathers used for most wallets. This adds to the strength and durability of the wallet without compromising the slimness.

The slim wallet also comes with an elastic band designed for garments that are resistant to wear and tear. The durability of our wallet was tested when one of my friends forgot his wallet in his pants while doing laundry and the wallet came out just fine.

If you need the best Men's Travel Wallet for your essentials, check out our collection of unique Handmade Slim Wallets & Key Covers and you will certainly find the best design that suits you.

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