The Story behind the Jac Henri Slim Wallets & Key Covers

Yannick's vision started seven years ago, when he made a wallet for himself that served as a prototype for the line. "I went everywhere looking for a slim wallet and there weren't any. Everything was bulky and extremely traditional. Today, a lot of people use card-holders, and a few unusual options, but there are no attractive extra-slim wallets that hold everything secure." said founder Yannick Henriette. Seven years later he still carries his Jac Henri prototype as a real-life testimony of the prospective brand's quality.

Once the launch goes live on, which helps designers raise money for creative projects, people will have 30 days to see the wallets and purchase them at lower than retail prices. The wallets are on offer in a number of color and skin combinations, which rise in price as the project meets its funding goal. "This website is a great way of testing the market for a new product and at the same time make your name public." said Yannick. With the launch, Jac Henri Designs hopes to gain an audience whose support will help set Yannick's vision in motion and start the production of the Jac Henri signature slim wallet, one of man's most essential accessory.I was dissatisfied with the slim wallets available on the market. I took it upon myself to design one for my own use a few years ago. After many revisions, I brought the Jac Henri Slim Wallet to the market in 2013 through a successful Kickstarter campaign. My Unique designs are for both men and women who loves high quality cash and cardholders. I also added a new line of Unique Key Covers which are as elegant as my wallets. Browse through my shop and find what you need.

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